I’m ready to reconcile with Tacha but without camera – Mercy

Today’s episode of big Brother Naija reunion was top notch! As Mercy proves she’s ready to reconcile with Tacha!

Mercy came ready for her one on one talk with Tacha, has she accused Tacha of shading several times on social media. However, Tacha denied the accusation, as she claims her publicist handles her social media pages.

When asked if they will reconcile, Tacha suggested they go live together to prove to their fans they are cool with each other.

However, Mercy said she will only reconcile with Tacha if they do it off camera. Mercy’s reply has given her a positive image on twitter today, as fans of the show applauded her maturity and the way she handled today’s episode.

While Tacha is being dragged for being a social media noisemaker and being a cold water real life.

See tweet;

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